Autumn Breeze, SOLD

October Light, SOLD

Still Water, SOLD

Copse, SOLD

Close of Day, SOLD

Sunflower Fields, SOLD

Good Friday, SOLD

Clearing Off, SOLD

Harbor Morning, SOLD

Sea Wall, SOLD

Rail Workers, SOLD

Dan at His Easel, SOLD

Sunlight Through Snowy Woods, SOLD

Shade, SOLD

Backlight, SOLD

Tags, SOLD

Balance Rock, SOLD

Meadow, SOLD

Near Muddy Pond, SOLD

Evening Tide, SOLD

Sunlight on Yellow Leaves, SOLD

Dory, SOLD

Stand of Trees, SOLD

Into The Woods, SOLD

Leaners, SOLD

Early Snow, SOLD


Late Afternoon, SOLD

Island Church, SOLD

Cottage at Victoria, SOLD

Autumn Day, SOLD

Noontide, SOLD

High Contrail, SOLD

Evening in the Cove, SOLD